Button have been working alongside Andy to help promote his Active Body Conditioning programme which is specifically aimed towards sporting athletes in their pre-season aim to get fit.

He wanted his website and social media to contain up to date videos of clients in training to help promote his business and gain new customer interest. The idea behind this video is that is it raw, not photoshopped to to glamourise the ABC course. It will to show that hard work, determination and the right guidance will enable you to reach your specific sporting goals. Here's an article from his blog about how we have been working together.

Mulligan’s join force to help push the Burton brand
Posted on 14th July 2015 by Andrew Burton
“Believe in yourself and visualise where you want to go, and you will get there.”
Led by Andrew Burton an intensive pre-season programme aimed at amateur footballers on top of their usual pre-season training schedules is being utilised across Teesside as a local trainer teaches athlete’s their ‘ABC.’

Initially a six week programme (looking at an increase to eight weeks) based at Norton & Stockton Ancients’ Station Lane ground the Active Body Conditioning (ABC) programme is aimed at Teesside footballers, both male and female (Norton Ladies) and was instigated by the Teesside personal trainer.

Although it took a little time to get used to Mick Mulligan (of Norton) and his daughter Leanne are happy with the early progress made, especially the ladies team and Mick is delighted of the progress being made and knows it will bring benefit over the upcoming season, and beyond.

“It was a shock to the system for the Ladies team but they soon got into their stride,” Leanne said of the Ladies training implementation.

“It wasn’t something that they’d had before and, once they realised that they could do it, then they were all up for it. It’s been great though that we can all do something together as a team, a unit as something like this certainly brings them together and creates a much stronger bond, friendship.”

“The Ladies team are now looking forward to a good season ahead, staying in what is a very competitive league and being able to provide a platform for the next generation to be able to come onto.”

The training afforded the male footballers has been spread across the Teesside region with Andrew opening it up to players from teams such as Norton & Stockton, Billingham Synthonia, and last season’s Northern League champions Marske United.

Father and daughter, Mick and Leanne Mulligan are joined by their footballing lads, Dale and Nathan along with Bryan Stewart, Nicky Martin, Lee Butterworth, Jordan Robinson and David Hillerby all finding themselves getting involved.

Leanne added: “This is definitely putting players, and teams, in good stead for the new season and is the type of thing which you want to be doing.

“It’s fun, creative and a brilliant way to start the season off; I can see them thriving off and benefitting from it. With the men though there’s a combination of local Teesside teams involved which is great to get a bunch of different lads together and provides the extra fitness to keep them above the others – he’s even recognised the source of injuries and implemented that aspect into the training schedules.”

Andrew is seeing the benefits of his training regime, and the continued inclusion of the dreaded ice bath into sessions – which goes down ‘well’ with the lads.

Of his Active Body Conditioning programme he said: “There’ll be good, professional support throughout the season for players because I’ve noticed that there’s no structure there at present, none at all.”

“They’ve had no real education so I know that it’s really poor. I’ll therefore provide that at reasonable costs for I believe, as do others, that if you’ve got a great condition set in pre-season, then it will last throughout the season as well.”

As he moves the ABC programme forward Andrew is already beginning to implement a similar styled programme for the public and, with a number of avenues available to him, can ensure the health, fitness, and well-being, of the current and next generation on Teesside.

Anyone interested in any of Andrew Burton’s ABC programmes email him via mail@andrewburtonpt.com